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Well I've got all my note cards moved into papel. I guess that counts for something. I'm so not ready for November. I was so much more ready a month ago. I guess I'm just not feeling the slightest bit motivated but November's coming whether I'm ready or not, so I guess I better figure it out.

Wish the local coffee shop had more tea I liked. They need to get mint or something. Whatever.

ETA: I wish Papel could do what Photoshop could do.

I've added in Papel two scenes ideas that I've already come up with. I'll add more scene flags as I think of them. These'll be great for when I'm stuck writing. I also made an icon for the asylum and arranged characters around it. This was done in Photoshop. This let me know that I'm kind of short on asylum characters. (I mean, obviously, the only characters I have here are the ones that are gods/goddesses, and there are going to need to be characters in my story that are NOT part of the past life business, so I need to come up with some of those. Most of the staff of the bin, obvs. Although I think a couple ought to be just to throw everything out of whack. FOR FUN TIEMS PEOPLE)

Further, I don't have settings for the other characters. I'm not sure that I want everyone in the asylum. That makes things more challenging, but idk. I think I'll get bored and it's unrealistic that everyone's in a crazy house with the overarching plot idea, isn't it? I don't knowwwwwww i don't know. I might get them all there eventually. So some of them (like Gabriel) might not start out there. I don't know. Ray isn't going to start there, but I might not start his backstory OUTSIDE of there either. I don't knowwww. It's not my job to know these things yet, so I shouldn't stress about them right now.

Anyway, Map 2. I'm going to make more of these as time goes on, so get used to them. They help me.

ETA 2: Map 3, now with Dreamwalkers.

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