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Trading in Quality for Quantity

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Name:Polaris Hotel
Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:United States of America
Website:NaNo official site

NaNoWriMo 2010
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Plot? What is this "puh-loht" you speak of?"

Expect snippets of writing, character sheets, ideas, random babble and panic related entries, none of which will be remotely worth reading. Also, I'll be trying to remember to post a daily word count. Expect me to forget frequently. You can check the word count meter at the bottom if you're interested.

At this point, integrity in terms of knowing I'm doing my best to write something really good has taken a flying leap out the window. I've traded in Quality for Quantity in a night of absolute "I'm not going to make my word requirement" panic. Self-respect is hardly even figuring into this anymore. I'm so ashamed. XD That said, I'm enjoying myself immensely, and I suppose that's really what matters

Why "Polaris Hotel"?

It dates back to my novel from 2004 (Which I ran the full race and crossed the line with, mind you.)
The username is a bit of a creepy joke. All evidence of this joke has since been deleted and I don't remember all the details. It wasn't my journal, it was a friend's. It was a creepy lj comment or email or something that I can't remember now. Shame I didn't copy it here. I should have. :(

At the time, I was trying to think of a title for my NaNoWriMo blog, and since I'm going for 'psychocreepy' as a theme, this seemed like a good omen. Apparently it was, since I did actually complete Nano that year. For your reading pleasure, the famous (horribly gory) scene from that year: The only part of the novel still viewable to the public, can be found here

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